Adamo Ignis

Adamo Ignis means ‘to love flame’, exactly what you’ll do when you see the hot stunts in this show! Throughout time, human beings have been drawn to fire. Adamo Ignis continues our oldest tradition of gathering to the flame, but with elements of danger and dance. Join her for fire eating, fire breathing, fire dancing, …

Appalachian Scottish Princess

Halò there! You may know me as a Scottish princess, but you might not know that I love to dance! I have been dancing since I was a wee lassie- only 2 and a half years old! Since then, I have competed in Highland dancing at the championship level, performed for her late majesty the Queen …

Statue Comedius de Marbleous

There are many Living Statues, but there is only one Lively Statue and his name is Comedius de Marbleous. Keep an eye out for this Living Marble Marvel. He has an aversion to pigeons, but he’s not camera shy at all. He’s all about photo ops with young, old, and those as ancient as he.

Digger Plotts

Wailing Women, Sin Eaters and the Morbidly Curious gather twice daily for a funeral. (It’s not the plague, we’re just a clumsy lot). Join in on the bygone rituals and see how Digger Plotts puts the “Fun”in Funeral! Look for the Cart ’n Coffin at the graveyard. Bread & Beer will be served to a …


The earth speaks and sämäs listens. Inspired by ancient magic and elemental spirits, brought to you by the creator of Valkyrik and Sirena, sämäs combines vocal harmonies, rhythmic dancing, and primal drumming to bring you a raw, energetic, all original musical experience.