Galiana, The Living Fountain

This elegant and sophisticated show combines artistry and illusion as a beautiful statue transforms herself with magical grace into a Living Fountain. As music plays, delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips as a shimmering halo cascades from the crown of her head in this beautifully choreographed performance. Visually stunning! First two weekends only.

Renaissance Vaudeville

(WITH SNORKEL THE DANCING STUNT PIG!) Comedy, Juggling, and a Trained Pig…What more could you want? Rick and Jan wow the crowds with their comedy, balancing and fire juggling, but Snorkel The Pig steals the show with his dancing, bowling, and hoop-jumping prowess. You may even see him paint one of his Snorkel Snout watercolors! …


Fireflicker is a curious young dragon who wanders the streets of the festival looking for shiny things to hoard, and is always excited to meet all the knights and princesses of the realm. They may even share some dragon gold with those who also have magic in their hearts!

Jim Mackenzie — Comedian with mad skills

Jim Mackenzie – Comedian with Mad Skills

Jim has been keeping Vaudeville alive since 1985. Witness a one man comedy variety show featuring juggling, sword swallowing, whip cracking, violin playing, all presented with a mix of comedy and danger! “I love that the act wasn’t about the juggling… You really are a comedian with mad skills.” – Will Arnett

The Wheel of DEath at the West Virginia Renaissance Festival

Wheel of Death

The world’s first and only wooden Wheel of Death is an act that is truly revolutionary! Featuring death defying feats three stories up, Ichabod Wainwright will risk his life leaping, flipping, juggling flaming hatchets, and much more for your amusement. Death-defying, daring, dangerous, and dynamic!