Appalachian Scottish Princess

Halò there! You may know me as a Scottish princess, but you might not know that I love to dance! I have been dancing since I was a wee lassie- only 2 and a half years old! Since then, I have competed in Highland dancing at the championship level, performed for her late majesty the Queen in Scotland, and taught many of my own lads and lassies. I miss my home in Scotland, but equally love the lush green forests of Appalachia. Some of my favorite activities include horseback riding, archery, travelling, trying new foods, and finding new pals! Come join me in my tent during storytime, when I’ll be reading some of my favorite Celtic storybooks- or watch me dance a Highland Fling during one of my performances. I’m always happy to snap a picture with ye, or write down my autograph for your wee bairn!