Coal Black Rose

Embracing the spirit of the Traveler; Coal Black Rose performs unique versions of a Olde World musics (13th Century Cantigas, Classical instrumental classics, Olde Timey Folk, Seafaring Shanti and Work Songs). Using a variety of instruments of various folk origins, Coal Black Rose brings the best of all worlds to one stage.

Magnus & Maggie

Magnus & Maggie bring you a musical timescape from their travels in the Scottish Isles (and lives of established musical academia) along with an arsenal of historic instruments and preposterous tales in the tradition of the Jongleurs and Goliards of yore. With a magical combination of melody, song, and studied nonsense, they will captivate you …

Rambling Sailors

Jenkins & Rosie have been traveling the country singing sea songs and shanties together for over 15 years. With harmonies that please the ear and tunes that lift the spirit, Rambling Sailors will sweep you away to the maritimes and put the wind in your sails!

Wyrd Friends

Join the Wyrd Friends, a wayward adventuring party, as they regale two of the greatest stories ever told; the fabled English folk tale Legend of Robyn Hood, and the quest-based escapade Wyrd Adventures… except they’ve forgotten some key props. And scripts. And actors.

Patrick O'Flaherty at the West Virginia Renaissance Festival

Patrick O’Flaherty

Raised in Galway’s Gaeltacht on the rugged west coast of Ireland, Patrick is part of a select group of people whose native language is Gaelic. With a professional music career that has spanned over three decades, he is acknowledged as one of the truly fine practitioners of Irish mandolin and harmonica.