Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales at the West Virginia Ren Fest

Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales

Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales is a full-length stage production, featuring the magical story of the birth of a baby dragon. With the support of a loving faerie queen, an amazing lifelike eight-foot dragon hatches from an extraordinary large golden egg. Throughout the course of the show, the beautiful faerie and the audience work together to welcome the dragon into our world, name him, feed him, and teach him to talk. At the show’s conclusion, the faerie enlists the audience’s help to tell the dragon a bedtime story about the dragon’s search for a friend and his difficulty in being accepted by the local villagers. After the show, the children in the audience receive a very special invitation to personally hug and kiss the dragon goodnight, providing parents with a wonderful photo opportunity.

Incorporating audience participation with the perfect blend of humor and wonder, Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales is a memorable experience for adults and children alike.